Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Help Wanted

Can you help us improve our website?

We are currently in the process of updating our website and need some help filling in the gaps.
If you read our list of past productions one of the things you may notice is that the shows at the bottom of the list haven't got pages linked to them. Then if you click through you'll see that the information we have listed for each production varies.
We would like for every show to have its own page with a full cast and crew list, some photos, and whatever other information that is to hand. We are looking through our archives for what we already have but there is always room for more.

How can you help?

You might have any programmes from past shows and the time to type up the contents.
If you haven't got the time to do the typing but can upload a picture for someone else to transcribe.
Transcribing images into text.
You took rehearsal or show photos and would like to select a few.
If you directed a show and have your "director's bit", cast list or other info to hand.

If you want to help contact

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