Sunday, 6 October 2019

Auditions for Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie

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Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie

On stage 4th - 7th March 2020 at the Drama Studio

Auditions: Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th October 2019 from 8pm to 10pm at Unit 1C, Nursery Works, Little London Road S8 0UJ Sheffield.

On board a steamer, cruising under the scorching Egyptian sun, honeymooners Simon Mostyn and his wealthy socialite wife Kay find themselves being pursued by an old flame of the newly wedded groom.
Then a tragedy strikes, a body is discovered and all fingers point to Simon’s ex fiancĂ©e.
But everything is not what it seems. Among a cast of characters that includes a shady socialist a fearsome battleaxe and a Dr with dubious credentials holidaying cleric Canon Pennefather is drawn into a web of intrigue and deceit as he finds himself on the trail of a ruthless murderer.
Our auditions operate as follows:
  • All are welcome
  • No preparation is necessary

Character list

CharacterPlaying AgeDescription
Miss FFoliot-FFoulkes50 – 70Harridan
Christina Grant20 to 30Miss FF’s niece, somewhat timid
Smith25 to 35An ardent socialist/communist, riddled with sarcasm
Louise20 – 30A maid, French accent
Dr Bessner40–80German(ish) accent
Kay Mostyn25 – 35Wealthy, selfish, glamorous heiress
Simon Mostyn25 – 35Kay’s charming husband
Canon Pennefather50 – 80Kay’s Guardian and a religious zealot
Jaqueline De Severac25 – 35 Simon’s ex fiancĂ© – fragile
Beadsellers x2anyAlso doubling up as Captain of the Boat and Police Official
Steward20 to 90

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