Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Wyrd Sisters Audition 08/03/18

Wryd Sisters by Terry Pratchett adapted by Stephen Briggs
8th March University of Sheffield Drama Studio Rehearsal Rooms 8pm
Terry Pratchett's story about three witches, foul murder, a ghost, and a playwright named Hwel, has a large cast and we operate open auditions.

The lead characters are the three wyrd sisters and an evil duchess (definitely not Lady Macbeth).  This is a certain Shakespearean tale told from the point of view of the witches, who are the heroes of the piece.

The Company is looking for actors of all ages and types but especially people wanting to play strong women to audition at the Drama Studio at 8pm on Thursday 8th March.
The audition is open to everyone, and their are plenty of roles.


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